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Lake Superior Academy uses the proven effectiveness of the Montessori educational model to teach a broad spectrum of students; successfully nurturing each child on their journey towards knowledge.

Teachers “follow the child”, and through the use of the Montessori method and materials, find ways to best encourage each student’s learning style and individual talents. Multi-age classrooms are used to stimulate personal growth without stigma, and teachers truly get to know and are able to help their students, staying with them for three-year periods. Students work within a cooperative environment of support with their peers, teachers, and parents. The result is a graduate who has learned how to truly respect others and to be respected, who has become a confident learner, and who has amassed a body of knowledge that can lead and support the graduate for the rest of his/her life.


Through the Montessori curriculum, all children at Lake Superior Academy receive a top of the line education which helps them excel in their future educational endeavors, as well as in their adult lives. Take a look at each grade level to see what Montessori children learn in each age grouping.